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Load management

The significant increase in the fluctuating power generation by wind and photovoltaic plants changes our power supply system fundamentally and provides major challenges for the stability of the power grids. The increasing proportion of wind and solar power plants also has a decisive influence on when power is inexpensive and when power is expensive. Thus, a resource that is available everywhere is more valuable — flexibility in power consumption. 

Industrial companies with (partially) controllable electricity production and deferrable or shiftable consumption loads can use this flexibility and thus reduce their electricity costs and generate additional revenue.


Our offer: Load management

  • Optimal use of savings and revenue potential of your electricity production and consumption flexibilities
  • Integration of electricity production and consumption plants in our virtual power plant
  • Marketing of flexibility in the balancing energy market
  • Support for the electricity price control of electricity generating plants and for a displacement of the shiftable portion of the power consumption into periods of particularly low prices

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