direct marketing of bioenergy

Option bonus

When you operate a flexible and controllable power generation plant, we can make you an exclusive offer with our option bonus. As an alternative to percentage allocation of additional revenues from balancing power marketing and exchange price-orientated scheduled operation, as we offer it in case of power generation on demand, you will receive as part of the option bonus a fixed amount (€/year) for your flexibility. Moreover, the risks of trading performance and of the market price changes are completely borne by BayWa r.e.

In return, you will allow us to take advantage of the flexibility of your plants across all relevant markets within a short time. These include the day-ahead, intraday and balancing energy market as well as internal balancing on very short notice. The goal of our trading experts in the Trading & Operations Cockpit is to use this flexibility so that we can achieve the optimal revenues in the various marketplaces considering all plant-specific restrictions. This also includes changing the marketplaces several times a day. Within the scope of this operational use, we are of course sure to comply with all technical and operational constraints, as they result for example from the heat supply originating from the power plant.

With our option bonus, we offer you an all-round marketing package with above-average and completely predictable revenues. The amount of the option bonus will depend on the usable flexibility, the availability and output power of your power plants. A prerequisite for the use of the option bonus is a high degree of automation as well as a very good schedule fidelity of the plant.

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